Looking Back on Yesterday

I am so sore.

That’s the only thought that has gone through my head all day. Every time I yawn/stretch, I feel it in my abs. Every time I stand up to get another case, my legs (especially my thighs) are stiff. Not to mention what I feel in my arms.

Something must be working right then.


Yesterday was, as stated before, days 17 and 2. Both were a bit of a struggle for me to tell the truth. I was just downright exhausted yesterday, and I knew I was coming home from work to a TON of homework. I barely made a dent in it last night (woohoo for end of the semester?)!

This is the time of the semester where any and every single good, healthy habit would go out the window. Sleep? No, there’s no time for that, I have a 10 page paper to work on. Gym? Ha, not a chance, didn’t you see how much I have to study for that final! Healthy diet? No, takes too much time… just give me something quick, with sugar, and a Monster so that I can just eat and stay awake.

That’s been me for the past 4 years now… Because I go into stressful freak out mode around now (you should see my to do list! and how I have my laptop next to me, on my lunch, working on my science outline for my final tomorrow).

But, when I got off of work yesterday, what did I do? I went to Kohls. 🙂 And got a new pair of sneakers (mine wore out), and another sports bra… then I went to the gym to break those sneakers in. I didn’t stay long, just did a half hour weights circuit.

Just that half hour, which really had no cardio in it even, was enough to wake me up and get my brain back into focus. I should have done that years ago!

But, when I got home, and was halfway through an assignment, my mind started to wander… I was losing my focus quickly… and I wanted my Monster. But, I didn’t go get one. I didn’t want to face the guilt of buying it after going so long without. So, I just drank my water instead.

And, I’m glad I did. I got on the scale this morning and saw my first loss since I started to Zumba back in January.


So ready to take on Day 18 and Day 3 today! 🙂


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