Happy Friday virtually-non-existant readers! 🙂

I sit before you now, with one thought in mind…. My water bottle kicks ass. Yes, that is my main thought right now. Why you ask? How about I tell you a little story about my water bottle’s adventure.

Yesterday afternoon, I left work (I work downtown in an office), and was walking across the street to get to where my trolley stop was. When I started crossing the street (which takes all of 5 seconds to do, not even), there were no cars coming from either direction. About halfway across the street however, my brand new water bottle decided to jump ship out of my bag and on to the road. I turned around to pick it up when, out of nowhere, a car comes zooming past, running over said bottle. The bottle ricocheted off of the tire, and right into my leg. Luckily, my leg did not bruise (well, it faintly bruised), and even more luckily, there is about an inch of scratches only on the bottom of the bottle.


So, this morning before I left for work, I was talking to my mom in the kitchen asking what they were doing today. She was saying they were going to BJ’s because Dad needs more “sodas” (aka, he’s out of his Monsters… it’s a constant battle in our household as to what to actually consider them, since they aren’t quite sodas, but they’re not really anything else either), and that if I wanted any of the blue (low carb, my addiction) ones I needed to give her $30.

I stared at her like she was crazy.

Mom: “What?”
Me: “It’s been 18 days since I’ve had a Monster, mom. I don’t want any, I’m good.”
Mom: “Wait… what HAVE you been drinking? Because before this, you only drank Monsters, and soda when you couldn’t get a Monster?”
Me: “water. And hot tea… I’ve had a little green tea too, but mostly water.”

That was probably the best conversation I’ve had about that. The funny thing is, when I started this no-soda thing, I told myself that I wouldn’t consider Monsters as soda so I could still have my energy boost if I needed it.

I subconsciously quit drinking them the day after I quit soda. Without even thinking about it, I just stopped.



Man, it feels good.

So, today is day 19 without soda (nothing really special happened about day 18 yesterday, so we don’t really need to look at it), and it’s day 4 of my second 7daychip. 🙂

My exercise chip.

Which I totally beasted last night… I went to the gym after class, and didn’t end up leaving the gym until almost 11:30. Booyah. I’m cool. 2, almost 2.5 hours of gym time. The pain is less today than yesterday (except for in my ab area), but I did more cardio as well. Speaking of which….


Last night was week 1, day 2 of my training. It went so quickly!!! I felt great being on that treadmill (I am not running outside at 9pm, no way), and I actually was starting to train myself around 11:30 mile timing. Which is crazy for me, but still. I ended up going 2.3 miles last night on the treadmill, and skipping the very end of the cooldown (oops) to run just once more… at a 10:40 mile pace. 😀

I also ran into my *favorite* Zumba instructor while there last night, so he and I were on the weight machines together, which was a lot of fun (and helpful) too.

The downside of w1d2 (yes, there is a downside): Towards the end of my runs, I felt a little pain in my left foot, right around the ankle area. I decided to push through it because I didn’t want to give up on a good workout, and it was a really tiny pain.

It’s still there… and wearing high heels is not helping it (I’m only in socks right now, with ice on it).

I guess I’ll find out if I actually hurt it or not tonight at Zumba, but you better believe it’s not going to stop me from staying active. 🙂 I may have to tone it down a little, but, just watch foot, I’ll be unstoppable just like my water bottle.


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  1. Bethany
    Apr 16, 2011 @ 00:04:01

    I just have to say that your water bottle IS awesome and that is totally something that would happen to me. Also, I hope your weekend goes great and your foot starts feeling better!!


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