desperate times call for desperate measures

I’m sorry. The past week has been super hectic for me, so I haven’t had a chance to update since last Friday! 😦 Blame school.

Also, if this post seems to be jumpy, blame caffeine.

No, I did not break my soda count (Day 25), but, as the title states, desperate times call for desperate measures

I was up until 3 am this morning working on a case study for my Childhood Development class tonight (I really do hate all of the psych classes I have to take), and I was ready to go to sleep at about 6 pm last night… which was not a good thing when a minimum ten page study was still in my very near future. Not good at all.

So, I did what any smart, procrastinating college student would do… I turned to the energy drink. *Note: as stated before, Monsters do not count as soda to me… they are energy supplements. *

That was at 8:30 last night… it’s almost 10 am now, and I am still feeling the drink kicking in. Guess that’s what happens when you don’t drink them for almost a month, huh?

Don’t worry, this was a one-time deal, I’m so not feeling what this is doing to me!


So, for an update on my progress.

I got my workout in on Friday, in a big way… I walked from center city down to the riverfront (my favorite walk!).

The downside? I, unlike my wonderful water bottle, am stoppable. My ankle, hurt last Thursday via treadmill and new shoes, became unbearable during the day on Saturday, thus causing me to take an exercise break to heal it.

I haven’t come back from said break yet. 😦

My ankle is back to its normal working standard – just ask the cute strappy shoes I bought for myself last night as a you-made-it-through-a-crappy-semester-so-happy-summer present. 😉

As for the soda portion of my challenge… As I stated, it is now day 25. Meaning, I can count on one hand how many more days until I get to my next chip (five!!!). I never thought I could do this in my life, especially cold turkey the way I did.

Coming from someone who lived off of 3 – 8 sodas a day (it was really bad), who decided to just throw away a perfectly good ginger ale and get water instead. This was a huge accomplishment. It still is.

This morning, in the break room, I looked at the soda machine for the first time in a while… to check the reflection of how cute my shoes made my calves.

It was my momentary mirror.


I honestly have no new update on my progress, seeing as I haven’t been doing any type of running with my ankle and finals week attacking me.

I plan to amend this soon, well… as soon as my room is done being cleaned. I’m not allowed to drive to the gym (or go out) until it’s finished. A completely unfair thing to do to a 22 year old during finals because a college student is stressed enough but… oh well. Just one of the things my parents don’t understand about life as a college student.

I guess it’s a good thing that I only go to Wilmington University now… if I was going to a real school, especially as a science major, I would have not had sleep for the past month now from the studying I would have needed to do.

Even worse, I would not have slept, or worked, or even ate to get the straight A’s I have in school right now. I probably would have had to murder, or sleep with every teacher, to get these grades in my old major.

But, that’s completely off the c25k subject…. 🙂 I did sign up for my first 5k that I plan on walking.. it’s at the end of May, and is for a camp in our area (Kay’s Kamp) that was founded after an old friend, Kaylyn, died of cancer in 2007.


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