Hello Day 30, and other ramblings

The past three days have been gorgeous here. Perfect weather to work on my c25k, but… I haven’t done so. 😦

I’ll be working on it again soon, probably starting back up tomorrow night actually.


I’m on Day 30! Thirty. I can’t believe it. I feel like I can do anything right now, I really do. And I can, I just need to put my mind to it more.

It’s so amazing that, even when you go to your favorite bar, you can stick with this… I went out with my boys on Thursday to karaoke (one of our favorite spots for it too), and I’m friends with the bartender. He started making me my drink… and promptly dumped it out the minute he realized he put a spritz of Sprite in it. Because he knew I had stopped drinking soda, and he didn’t want to ruin that with even the tiniest spritz.

He got a huge tip for it, I assure you.

I don’t miss soda at all, either. I did for a while… I mean, I was drinking a lot of them every day. But now, it doesn’t bother me at all. I can have someone sit next to me with a soda in their hand, and I just shake my head at their choice instead of secretly wishing I had one.

Invigorating, believe me.

Now… onto the second part of the #7daychip portion. Exercise.

Yes, I have restarted my attempt at 7 days of exercise. And I am already onto day 3.

Easter Sunday, there was no Zumba classes… which makes sense, obviously. But my mom and I decided we still needed it. So, we looked up our favorite songs on YouTube and, in our living room, started to Zumba. We did 6 songs this way. That’s about half of a class on it’s own.. then we took Sophie for a nice, long walk around our neighborhood. 🙂

Monday (yesterday), I did two classes back to back. Toning, and then regular Zumba. It kicked my butt… I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I’ve actually Zumba’d like that. Almost a month, to tell the truth. I’ve been doing just single classes recently because my schedule was so hectic… but, I took advantage of last night. And it hurt.

Going to Zumba after work tonight, too. 🙂

I’m pretty sure every day of this chip will have Zumba involved in one form or another… but, I guess that’s what happens when you aspire to be an instructor?


This is gonna be short… but… I need some help! I did the first two days of week 1 on c25k before I hurt my ankle. Should I start over, and redo those two days? Or should I do the third one and continue? Or just skip to week 2? I’m lost in this part!!!!!!


If you look up at the top, where links to the various pages are (like the about me, playlists, etc), you’ll see that one is a link to my weight log. I figured that would be a good thing for me to see, especially if I want to keep motivating myself (kinda like how I wore shorts to Zumba last night, so my legs could motivate me to work harder).

Currently, I am at a 4.6 loss… but, right before Easter hit, I was at 6.7… I’m so close to being under 200 for the first time in ages, I can feel it.

I’m hoping next week it’ll happen.


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  1. katmcl
    Apr 26, 2011 @ 18:30:57

    re: c25k – if I were you I’d start again!


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