What’s the 411?

I’m getting bored with just writing about my health journey… so I thought that I would shuffle things up just a tad bit for the slight number of readers I have (it’s reached 8 hits so far today! haha).

So, I thought I would do something a little more me, a little personal. Besides, isn’t that part of what this whole journaling-so-others-can-help-motivate-you is about? Letting them understand who you are so that they can understand what you’re going through? 🙂

So here goes… the 411 on Miss Courtney [side note, that just made me think about my dad joking about calling 411 to get 911’s number on Saturday].

I’m Courtney Anne (I believe I’ve stated this previously), 22 years of age, and I’m still living at home while going to college. Up until very recently (3 days ago recently), I was a year-round, full-time student who worked two jobs – one that was an hour short of full time, and the other on a weekends-only basis. Now, I am a year-round, full-time student who works at a single job.

I am a medical malpractice file clerk for one of the most notorious civil law defense firms in the state, but I do some secretarial work for them as well. I have my own office (sans office mate sadly) that has an amazing view of the city, but it’s also a very quiet room.

My job is probably the only part of my life that I am an way organized… I can’t work any other way, especially since my job runs on organization. I get annoyed when the files on the shelves are not a specific way (silly laywers moving them all the time), and more annoyed when I can’t find the cases at all. I use Post Its to keep myself organized – leaving notes for the next day as to what I need to get done, keeping tallys of the amount of cases I’ve worked on, and the like. I file in alphabetical, or reverse alphabetical, order. My calendar in my office is color coded, as are some of the pleadings in our files… It’s just the way I function here.

Now if only I could get this to run over into the rest of my life, I would be good. It’s started to… I am currently studying for my Praxis tests, and each section is a separate color – yellow, pink, orange, and green.

I have an obsession with Post Its, and cute school/office/desk supplies. A big obsession.

Despite my organization at work, my room is always a disaster… no matter how much I try to clean it, it just gets dirty again. :\ Quite annoying, trust me. I’m working on it.

I’m studying elementary education… but I’m a big science nerd. I started college in 2007 for genetic engineering with forensics. I miss it.

My self-esteem levels are really really low. I blame this on the fact that I was a theater major in highschool with a teacher who was obsessed with yoga and food journals – and went about it in the wrong way to teach health to her students. The only time I ever think I look pretty is in a dress… the rest of the time I don’t like how I look, I just deal with it.

I’m easily distracted, thus the reason for the second update of the day. 🙂 And yet, I’ve worked on 12 big cases so far today. With a little under 3 hours left to go.

I think that’s about it for now… I should stop distracting myself lol.


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