I got my #30daychip! :)

 <~~ This is what I wanted to post about yesterday, instead of what I actually did end up posting.

Yesterday marked one month since I gave up soda. EEEEEEEPPPPPPPP.


Thanks so much to Brad for making me my chip, and everyone at the #7daychip family for the support. 🙂

I’m exhausted. I have no idea what day it is… I keep thinking it’s Friday actually. I blame Andy, since he is the Thursday night Zumba instructor and he taught half of the class last night. Truth be told, Andy and I have Zumba’d together every night since Monday so far (a little bit of Burgie a day!)… and to think, I thought the whole his older brother cheated on me thing from last month would kill our bond.

In his words: “You’re my Courtney now.” lol. I love gay guys.

Anyway… Since Sunday, I’ve done 6 hours of Zumba. Tonight is Zumba with Burgie, then Planet Fitness (most likely with Burgie as well), then tomorrow is toning…. By Sunday, I’ll have 12 hours of Zumba under my belt in one week.

I like.

And I’m not sore yet… I’m sure either Friday night’s toning, or the three hours of Zumba on Sunday will change that. 🙂

Ok, this post is much crappier than I thought it would be… but I can’t have another yesterday – I actually need to focus and get some work done today!

I also need to go get a cup of tea… my office is colddd.


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