Coke Slurpee: Soda or No?

This is an important question.

Extremely important, to the point of being dire.

Why? Simple… When I am sick, I live off of Coke Slurpees. This is because I normally get throat colds, and that soothes the burn there… and with stomach bugs, it helps settle.

That, and my poppop’s philosophy from when I was younger is that a Coke Slurpee makes everything better – a philosophy that I hold true to.

So… if it is a soda, I know exactly how the first time my chip will be broken.

I may not make it to Day 40 if that’s the case, especially with the warmer weather threatening to bring on a flu season.


Well, I’m back onto the c25k again… and am looking towards Day 3 of the week in the next few days.

Day 1 (Saturday) and Day 2 (yesterday) were both done outside, to the happiness of my puppy, who got to train with me. 🙂

My first 5k I’m participating in is in 26 days. And, seeing as I have a Zumbathon, Zumba Masters class, my best friends’ graduation, Praxis 1 test, and a consignment sale between now and then… this should get interesting for training.

I’m already well aware that most of that 5k will be walked.

As for the Florida goal in February… well… my parents bought a vacation package yesterday from where they are in Myrtle Beach. So…….. Dan, Eric, Leah and I have a 2 bedroom house to stay at for a week in Orlando.

We’re going. Officially.



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  1. Bethany
    May 04, 2011 @ 14:52:30



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