Insert Catchy Title Here

Well… I slept through Zumba last night. Technically, I woke up 7 minutes after the class started, but still.

Sophie and I went to visit an old friend of mine (Brennan), and the three of us walked around the neighborhood I grew up in for about half an hour, which was really nice.

Then Dan brought me a Coke Slurpee… which has been ruled not to be a soda. 🙂

Seriously, some days I owe my best frannn the world. Last night would be one of them. Because what I needed then was to apparently just sit on the couch, eat homemade nachos, and watch Glee followed by 3 hours of Tosh.O.

Yea, the world doesn’t even begin to cover what I owe him lol.

But… I still don’t feel good today. Half of my office is out sick, so I’m hoping I didn’t actually catch something (that would totally be my luck, too).

I’m gonna go attempt to work now… and continue to chat with Bethany! 🙂 Ughhhh, please come soon 5pm I’m ready for another nap.


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