Why Are Guys so Stressful?

Why do I feel like these types of posts always happen after Mondays? Seriously? Gee, Matildas, you and I have to have a little chat about your whole sending me into the fritz on weekly basis now.

I just need to get out of Delaware. I really do. At least for a bit.

Or just away from Eric (and Dan) for a bit…

Eric, once again, was on the “you know it’s going to happen, so stop trying to run from it” path towards Dan and I. He told me last night that if I didn’t want to end up with Dan, to stop being friends with him.

But just… ARHGAKLDHG;JAJDG;LKJTEAILJKGL ;RTG. <~ now I’m a super stressed Courtney. Thanks for that, Eric.

I was already going to have a rough week before he even mentioned that to me last night… Mother’s Day on Sunday was 1 year since my mommom had died, and yesterday was a year since Steve and I broke up. Makes you wonder how much I’m still hurting if I know that one to the date, and was tempted to run his girlfriend over when I saw her the other week…. a year later and I still hate him (and we only dated for 3 months, go figure).

Most importantly… my best friends are graduating on Saturday. When I’m suppose to be graduating. 😦 I’m going to be such a mess, but I can’t wait for the chance to leave the state… even if it’s just for like a day (and I’m hanging out with the idiots that night).

You know… it’s not right to pressure someone into something like this, because it’s going to end up really hurting one or more parties involved. And this would be something that many parties are involved in. So Eric… I know you’re not reading this but… SHUT UP ABOUT IT ALREADY.


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