Princess Ponderings

I got an e-mail from the Queen today – no, not the Queen of England, but my mum – saying that she had been thinking.

“I was thinking about your trip.  You should really consider just doing the 3 mile one. If you do the half marathon and one of you (probably you, lol, just like mom), develops a blister or hurts something that could ruin the rest of your trip. You should consider just doing the fun run & using the trip as a vacation of fun.”

I believe Queen Bee has a good point.. in the past month alone, I have had at least four injuries related to exercise. Granted, these were due to having cheap shoes, but they happened anyway.

My Princess-in-training response was thus:

“That’s a good point, I probably would end up hurting myself lol. I will do that half marathon some day, trust me on that though J It’s currently one of the lifetime goals (alongside of getting proposed to in Disney, working for Disney, and getting married in Disney… I sense a slight pattern there). “

I mean it, I will do that run some day, even if it’s not in the upcoming year… though I will still train this year as if we are going to run it (seeing as both Princes involved, as well as myself, do really want to try ourselves on this). Who knows, maybe I will get myself advanced enough that come fall the Queen will have a seen a new faith in us that we can do this.

That, and we need to get Princess Leah in on the band wagon too… ugh.

As for my training thus far… well…. I’m still at my same rut. I haven’t really had the time to get any training in, especially since I have been watching the royal puppy all of last week and schooling starts back up this week.

Ah, the Queen has responded…

“You wouldn’t want to take time from work & school & spend money & then end up not being able to enjoy your vacation. That would really suck. There’s always a 5K going on somewhere, you could find something if you ever train (LOL).  Zumba is not training for a run (LOL)”
She knows me all too well…In other news, welcome to Day 45 of no soda. I feel as if this is currently the only thing in my life that I have been able to have under control/continue… Here’s to hoping that someday very soon in the near future that the rest will follow suit and I can get my butt in gear. 🙂

I remember Daddy told me: “Fairytales can come true
You gotta make ’em happen, it all depends on you”
So I work real hard each and every day
Now things for sure are going my way
Just doing what I do
Look out boys, I’m coming through
Princess and the Frog


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