Full of Frills and Veils

If I ever decide I want to get married, I am sooo doing it How I Met Your Mother style.

"Lily and Marshall: Rocking it since '96."

Though, Eric is not allowed to be the priest. But still.

The park part of the wedding was perfect, just those that truly mattered and there was no drama over bridesmaid dresses (due to one of the bridesmaids thinking that being a COSTUME designer makes you able to make dresses that are for a wedding. That people have to see. And yes), they didn’t need flowers, or scripted vows. Because they were happy.

I would hate a big wedding like Lily and Marshall’s second wedding they did. Because I don’t want it to cost an arm and a leg… Yes, I want to get married in Disney World. But, there’s only three people that I would truly  on my side of the wedding (sorry Mom and Dad), and that’s Jenn, Leah, and Rachel. Because they’re the three that matter most to me.

I have a high feeling that Dan and Eric would be on the guy’s side, no doubt about it.

But… I want the Disney wedding. In Disney. I’ll do it just me and the groom if I must (I’d rather not… REALLY want Leah there too). Either in a nice white sundress so I can go ride rides right after or….. that Alfred Angelo Belle gown (meaning, if I don’t get that dress than I really don’t care what I looked like lol).

But, seeing as I kinda sorta hold a Barney and Robin via Season 2 view on marriage right now (“No no no no no, you can’t do this to me Ted, no no no” along those lines), I don’t see this happening any time in the near future.

So why am I worrying/pondering this? That’s simple… see the point above where that little rant about bridesmaid dresses happened? THAT’s why I’m pondering.

Why are weddings so completely filled with drama???

On a different note, a look to the future… Dan’s future wedding, that is:

I wasn't aware that Dan was actually playing Ted in the show now.


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