Zumba Buddies!

Beto - the Zumba Originator

My family and I have recently gotten the Zumba game for the Wii at our house (we now own two Wii’s, but my dad keeps our old one at work… the new one Dan and I call the Tron Wii instead of the White Wii), and, seeing as I didn’t really have a chance for a Zumba class or gym work out last night, I decided to do a quick 20 minute workout on the game before the guys came to get me for Thursday night shenanigans. I started my workout around 8:20, because Dan said he would be at my house around 9 or so to come pick me up.

Which is exactly why he and Eric walked through our front door at 8:30 (not a happy Courtney)… and I had the wonderful (and awkward) experience of doing the Zumba game in front of my two best guy friends, including a belly dancing cool down. But it ended up being worth it for what happened after.

Eric: “Can I try a song?”



Ahhhhhhh. This made me so excited, to the point that I can’t even begin to comprehend my excitement inside of me. They were both actually really good to tell the truth, especially Eric (I swear, he must have done it before)… but it was still funny to watch.

We ended up leaving at like 9:20 because they were enjoying themselves so much.

But, wait, it gets even better.

Eric: “You know, I’m thinking that if I go to Zumba with you, I will have rock-hard abs by the end of summer.”
Dan: “I was thinking the same exact thing.”
Eric: “Give me a week to get my toe healed and we’ll go with you.” (Eric just had a toenail removed)

And, that is how you get two guys into Zumba my friends! So. Excited.

On another note, my friend Xixa got me to start using a new iPod app/website called myfitnesspal.com and I’m kinda excited about it (not gonna lie). So if any of you readers out there use the site, pleaseeee go add me I could use all of the support/friendship/help that I can get! (It’s kortni24 of course)

Lastly, two new pages have been recently added to the blog: “Goals” and “Photos.” If you recall, the other day I listed a thing of goals that I am going to be working towards… well, that page is going to be where I keep track of them, and more will be added along the way. As for the photos, well I stole that from Slim Em’s blog, and you can see the progress/terrible Courtney photos that are up (As well as random appearances of Dan and Eric).

That’s all I really have for now, I’m planning on getting another Wii workout in tonight (either by doing Zumba, or WiiFit, or playing Sports, or EA Active… or a mixture), so I would say to expect another update later.

OH and I am going on that 5k tomorrow so wish me luck!


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