Somewhat of a Quickie…

Well, that’s interesting. If anyone was wondering, that was not how I started my post out yesterday. Apparently, wordpress ate a paragraph (maybe two?) of my Tuesday update (craziness, I tell ya!). I don’t know what happened to it, but it’s gone… and I know for a fact that I did not start it off by talking about the fact that only mom and I were in the class. I believe I started with talking about her dragging me there, and how it’s a strength-training only class, etc etc.


Anywho, last night, after we walked the dogs (right now, Rocco is making that a strength training exercise too), Mom and I decided to get in the pool… and Eric joined us (yay!). So we were having a lot of fun enjoying that, since the Tuesday night Zumba class we would have gone to was cancelled last night. Eric was doing kickboxing or something in the pool, and kept saying how wonderful it felt. I love that him and Dan are finally understanding my thinking, and being much more supportive than they were back at the end of March. But we were in the pool for a little under an hour.

Which means last night started my 21 day challenge (click here for the big deets). Two wonderful ladies, Melissa and Lorena, came up with the challenge, and I (along with Emily and a few others so far) have accepted. 🙂 So, my goal is to get a bit of exercise in daily, outside of walking the pups. Make sure to hold me accountable on this one!

I am thinking of doing my run tonight when I get home for it… even though it’s wicked hot outside today (stinking heat index). :\

By the way, thank you to everyone who has said they liked the blog change! I really like it, and it’s definitely Zumba colored. 🙂 You’re seriously the best.

So, a question… what is your favorite workout activity? You already know mine, so now tell me about yours!



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  1. 14 Semanas
    Jun 08, 2011 @ 11:48:21

    Any kind of dance activity is the best workout! I just finished the fourth week of C25K and it feels awesome to be able to do that but it’s so much more boring than any Zumba or Hip Hop class! I love dance classes because they make me feel so much more involved in my workouts whereas for me cardio machines require less focus and more willpower!


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