I am COMPLETELY focused on one thing right now. DOLE WHIP. I have 259 days until I’m back in Florida again, and all I can think about is how much I want Dole Whip.


This is not fair… you would think I would be craving Butterbeer or Pumpkin Juice, since, you know, I had it three months ago. But nooooo. It’s been three stinking years almost to the date right now since I’ve last had this delicious treat.

I don’t think my new obsession with drinking pineapple juice recently is helping me either.

I just leaned over to my class mate and told her that I want Dole Whip. Right now. She just laughed at me… She doesn’t get it. 😦


I think the hard part on me right now is that we are starting to book our stuff (we are waiting on the host sites for the princess weekend to come out to make sure we are staying at Old Key West), anddd I’m working on a project using Magic Kingdom (home of my love the Dole Whip).



Yes, this post has absolutely nothing to do with my weightloss journey. Though, as one of my fellow Disney Diet Buddies has said, it’s ok for us to have the Dole Whip when we go because it is pineapple and fro-yo. So it’s really not all that bad for you. I can’t really focus on writing about the whole exercise/diet/weightloss today, I broke down crying in a bridal dressing room yesterday because I was pmsing and my mom told me she didn’t think I could lose anything by the time of the wedding… the dress kinda made it so that I couldn’t get any run or anything in so… yes.

I promise, we will be back to our normalness tomorrow. 😉


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  1. MrsWhiffin aka Angelbunni
    Jul 02, 2011 @ 08:54:22

    Bless you of course you will keep on losing sweetie, don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do it!
    In that 7 and a bits months we have, we will both be skinny minnies enjoying our dole whip 🙂


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