A Weekend Lookback

Even though my currently sore body would disagree (I am loving that BodyPump class!), I have spent most of this past weekend sitting like a bump on a log. NOT because I’m a lazy bum, mind you.

I spent the whole weekend writing lesson plans, researching activities, and coloring… not to mention, road tripping up to York to get my Maid of Honor dress (huzzah!). Seriously, I left work early on Friday (I hate being a girl), and started working the moment I got home… save for the dress trip, church, and sleep, I didn’t stop working on this thing until about 3 yesterday afternoon.

It was such a crummy weekend. 😦

But, it is a new day (well, it was a new day when I woke up about 5 hours ago now), so I am determined to not be on my butt as much… no matter what my aching body wants.

Last night, after I finished making the unit, Mom, Eric, and I went to BodyPump (yay we got one of the guys to go!)… While it wasn’t as hard as last weeks class, I’m feeling it a lot more in my abs this week. And I am so happy about this. I’m thinking I will have to go to the BodyPump Express Saturday morning before my friend Katie and I head to the Kenny Chesney concert (YAYYYYYYYYY).

But, this week’s workout plan is looking like this so far: last night was BP, tonight I think Mom and I are going to work on some Zumba choreo for future classes (huzzah again), tomorrow night and Thursday night I have school but I may get to the gym finally after one of those classese, Friday night is Zumba Toning for the first time in ages, and Saturday (as said earlier) will most likely be BP express. 🙂

I feel good about that workout list. Very very good.

But, speaking of Zumba… guess who is signed up to go to two more trainings next month officially????? 😀 I’ve got Toning the weekend after the wedding, and then Zumbatomic the weekend after that. WOOHOO. I’m excited. So, soon I’ll be able to do kid’s parties, and hopefully start to bring in some $$ while I am getting my workout on.

As for the Zumba playlist, this is what I have so far….

  • Warm Up: Teenage Dream (Glee Version!)
  • Squats: Lazy Song by Bruno Mars (yumm)
  • Pre-Cool Down: Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland (Cumbia styled song)
  • Cool-down: Stronger by Sara Evans (iffy on this one)

Can you tell I like country? haha. I have to look into a bunch of latin songs as well… I want to see if I can find some Juanes done in Zumba, which will make my life complete (I adore Juanes). Especially if I don’t have to make up the choreo myself. Heh.

Well, I wanted to just check in with everyone to let you know that I didn’t die over the weekend… and I barely ate enough to make it worthwhile to write down (seriously, yesterday ended up being a chobani for breakfast, 100 cal popcorn and a smoothie until I hit BP… then we ended up at the Italian Festival in the city, so I had a slice of pizza since I figured I was definitely in the negative calories for the day after that exercise class. Major negatives. Hmm, that could be why I have a massive headache right now).

Ok, I’m going to go get some type of food into my body while I work, or maybe just some more of my Peach Mango Green Tea that I’m now obsessed with… maybe do both? Toodles!

By the way, how did your weekend go?????


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