an update, although brief

Happy Friday everyone!!!

I’m sorry for being overly MIA this week, it’s been a bit busy/rough on me for some reason or another. I feel like I could use for a full day of sleep… but I think I can pass blame for that one off onto Rocco since he woke me up before my alarm this morning because he wanted to play or something of the sorts.

I really have nothing too special to report since Tuesday, which I guess is why I haven’t updated. Well, nothing special besides the point that I’m going to a Kenny Chesney concert tomorrow night, which I am over the moon excited about. And going out for a friend’s birthday tonight.

Let’s just say this weekend is going to be putting me slightly back a bit on the weightloss schedule… but I’m going to go to my first Zumba class since certification tonight as well (maybe another tomorrow morning?), and I’m really excited that I finally get to see my Zumba-Mommy again today. 🙂


Apparently, my parents have just managed to steal my younger cousin Todd, AND Dan, and took them to the movies. And I’m stuck at work all day. Gee, thanks parents for enjoying a movie I wanted to see without me. lol. I’m ready to go home already, and it’s not even noon.

I’ve been battling a bad headache all week, but I’ve been having trouble eating as well so I’m sure that’s the reason behind the headache. I hate when this happens, I get into rutts that I just don’t eat much – save about 400 to 500 calories a day – and I  can never seem to get out of them, it’s terrible.


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