Pain, Food, and Good News!

Apparently there were 59 views yesterday… and I didn’t even do a weekend update yet (huzzah much? lol).

Hello ladies, gents, whomever has decided to grace my page with a view and is reading this!!! 🙂

Happy week before July 4th! Hope everyone had a nice weekend this past weekend, I know I did. We had the bridal shower over the weekend for Sharon, and luckily it went really really well. No drama whatsoever, and I even managed to talk Rachel into staying the whole time for it (I owe that girl the world, I swear). The downside was that there was pizza, and cheese sticks, and wings (which I did not eat), and soda… so a complete kill center for any diet. I don’t think I did that bad though… I had a small piece of the cheese and a small piece of pepperoni. I felt guilty not eating, since the bride’s mom paid for a lot of food and not that many people showed up. :\

Saturday, we held a pool party at my house, and had pulled pork, turkey hot dogs (delicious!), as well as these spicy chicken sausages… I didn’t have any of the sausage, but let me tell you, I had my fair share of the pork. It was just too delicious to pass up! I also ended up having 3 beers throughout the day (I was still slightly stressed, it tasted good, no blaming), which probably wasn’t my best decision ever, but oh well.

And yesterday, was mainly a finish-up-the-semester day for me, as well as watch a bunch of Boy Meets World episodes.

Mom and I tried Aqua Zumba on Saturday, which was really interesting to try. I think I prefer my BodyPump to it though. Speaking of which, I won’t be able to do BP tonight! 😦 I have something wrong with my right arm (pretty sure Rocco is to blame for this), and I had trouble holding a 1 lb weight at Zumba Toning last night… Ugh. It’s really painful, and this is the 4th day that it’s been around. I’m interested to see what using it at work all day will do to it, since it’s my writing arm and everything. Maybe this will give me the excuse to start working on my running and such, since I can’t do the workouts I want to?

Leah said I should rest it, but…. how do you rest the arm that you do everything with? Especially when you need to use it???

How was everyone’s weekend? Any success stories to share?

I have one… I’m down under 200 finally!!!! 199.9! Yeah! 😀


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