Intervals and Motivators

I can’t stand rainy days, they’re so sluggish and, well, dark. Especially when you’re sitting in a room by yourself, and the main thing you look at (besides papers and a computer) is a window that shows you just how sluggish and dark it is outside. The view alone is enough to try to put you to sleep, but couple that with filing, and man you’re gone if you’re not careful.

It’s also the type of situation that, if you’re not careful, you will be snacking without realizing it. I actually took this into consideration this morning when I packed, and made sure that I had put my favorite snack (reduced fat cheez-its!) into my calorie count so I wouldn’t feel guilty about it happening. And also so I wouldn’t tempt myself with the fact that there is a vending machine 13 floors down that has chocolate in it.

For once, I feel like I have things that I wanted to talk about outside of it being about me personally. Shocking, I know, but I’m going to admit it’s for selfish reasons, because it could be helpful for me! 🙂

Interval Training

Every exercise you participate in should have intervals – whether it be cardio, strength, or something inbetween like Zumba©. If you try to just go in your exercise, you will wear yourself out quicker. Think about it this way: you know the newer type of roller coasters out? The ones where they have so much force/momentum put into their start, shoot straight into the air, and are done within a minute? Well, compare that to a roller coaster that has multiple hills (like El Toro at Great Adventure), and how much longer of a ride it is.

Our muscles work in a similar fashion. If we use our energy in one shot (like trying to sprint as far as we can, or giving it our all during a warm up song), then our bodies will tire that much quicker. So we need to moderate, and do things in intervals.

We do this even in Zumba© classes. You start off with warm ups, that get just a little bit more intense with song, then you go into the cardio work out. The intesity of the songs during the main workout match the hills of a roller coaster, increasing and decreasing with each song, until you reach the end. Right before the ending, there is the strength section, where you give it your all – like the circled section of a coaster, and then you go into your cool down.

This is great for the body! It helps to channel the deeper energy stores you have to keep your body going longer, and stronger.

Goals and Motivators

The second/third thing(s) I wanted to talk about deals with setting goals and finding motivation. I wasn’t sure if I should group these together or separate them, since your goals can act as motivation (like they sometimes do with me), but people can also motivate.

As good as “lose weight” and “look good” sound, they aren’t really helpful goal wise. They don’t set anything for you, and are very easy with frustrating you. Trust me, I would definitely know about that one. Instead, make goals that you will want to enjoy reaching – and have them relate to your weightloss journey. For instance, a bunch of my goals have to do with Zumba©, like passing my trainings, and getting classes together. These all relate to the fact that I want to lose weight since it’s exercise, BUT they are also something that I enjoy doing more than anything.

Another goal I have has a time limit on it, and that’s the Princess Weekend. I haven’t done much training for it yet, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t my goal. I have given up on doing the 1/2 marathon this upcoming year (instead, I will do it in 2013), but I want to still be confident that I could do it in February if I had a desire to. I also want to complete the 5k that we are doing in a certain time (not sure what yet), so that’s what I’m going to start working towards once I get my butt in gear running/jogging/etc wise.

Also, make sure the goals you set are not unreachable, the point isn’t to frustrate yourself. The point is to achieve and feel great! To believe in yourself!

And one thing that helps with that is motivation. Goals are a part of your motivation (as I said before), but one of the biggest things I’ve found that help me is the people I talk to around me, both online and off. I enjoy going to workout with my mom, and my friends. We’re all becoming more concious about what we’re eating and doing, especially with Dan and Eric since they’re starting to train for Princess Weekend as well.

This blog has been one of my biggest motivators. You guys are AMAZING. I love getting emails saying that I have comments, and getting to read your stories as well. It’s enlightening and helpful.

I started to use my account again (look me up! camacl24), especially since my mom has started to use it too. So, if you’ve come to my blog from there, welcome! Stay, make yourself at home, I could use you. 🙂

Another great place to find motivation is a wonderful social network called Twitter. Hashtags make it so that people going through the same thing as you find you so quickly, and they’re even quicker to help you out. I especially loved this when I quit drinking soda (which I need to re-do), because the #7daychip group was so supportive!

Lastly, if you’re on a forum of people with common interests, don’t be afraid to reach out and see if anyone there is looking to diet! You can build a support system through there, and create new friendships along the way… which is another thing I’ve done over at the wdwmagic forums. 🙂


Ok, that all being said… I’m going to go off and enjoy a nice lunch date with my ex-office mate! Have a good rest of your Tuesday everyone. 🙂


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  1. MrsWhiffin aka Angelbunni
    Jul 05, 2011 @ 16:11:26

    Thumbs up from me! Only through the internet can you find WDW mad, dole whip loving people 🙂 xx


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