Two. Three. Seven.

2… 3… 7. Wondering what those three numbers have in common? Or maybe you’re not, because knowing me it was easy to figure out (seeing as three days ago, it was 2 4 and 0).

I have two hundred and thirty seven days until Florida. 237 until the Princess Half Marathon Weekend when our group is participating in the 5k.

And how much training have I done? How much have any of us done for that matter? None. Zilch. Zero.


Well, this is going to change. My friend Jenn is coming down from Allentown today, and is a huge fitness fan… seriously, most of our weekend plans consist of either Zumba or BodyPump. But, my idea is I’m going to see if she will start trying to train with me for this. You know, start off slow somewhere. See what I can do. I know a group from my old church is going to be out running at 7am tomorrow, so maybe we can go up and meet them for it. Make that a Saturday morning thing for me to start doing.

I need to start somewhere… and it’s time to start now. I’ve heard a lot about Jeff Galloway and his training, so I am going to use him to my advantage… especially when he releases his training guide for the Princess Half (yeah, he’s a Disney dude!!!). But, for starters, I’m going to use his beginner stuff since I am a beginner. I’m a c25k person. I’m not athletic at all, which Queen Bee was so wonderful to point out to me yesterday.

This is also my last chance to any results for the wedding, which is next weekend. So, expect there to be a LOT of working out going on during the next seven days. To the point that I will be visiting the gym for the first time in two months (shame on you Courtney).

Jenn and my Weekend Workout Plan

  • Friday night: Zumba Toning at Rock Your Body Fitness, 6pm
  • Saturday morning: Running/walking program at Newark Resevoir, 7am… BodyPump at Studio Fit, 10:30am.
  • Sunday afternoon: Zumba at Rock Your Body Fitness, 2pm. Possibly toning after.
  • Monday: Zumba/Zumba Toning 4th of July Party at Rock Your Body Fitness, 9am.

I don’t think she knows what is going to hit her… oops!  There’s also a few good parks in the area to walk at and such, so we should be using those to our advantage. 🙂

I know I’m at Galloway’s stage 1, which is the Beginner. Aka, Making the Break. so… let’s do this!


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  1. 14 Semanas
    Jul 01, 2011 @ 13:56:52

    I am suuuuch a C25K advocate, especially when I do a mental check of “running the mile” in middle & high school where I was literally always dead last and ran about a minute total out of my 18-minute time… I’m now on Week 7 of C25K and have run 25 minutes straight two times and even ran two full miles Wednesday! And I *STRUGGLED* with Week 1 like you wouldn’t even imagine. Weeks 1-4 my shins always ached while/after I ran, and I was out of breath after like 30-45 seconds usually. I am so so sure that you can do this too! If you have 237 days, you will get it done, there’s no doubt about it 🙂


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