The Wedding

Well, the wedding went off really well… Sharon was a beautiful bride, there wasn’t any drama, and I got to dance a lot with Dan.

And I was told that I looked pretty. A lot. Which, being a person of self-conciousness it means a lot to me.

And I danced more than I ate… though the food was delicious, it just didn’t feel right eating while wearing a pretty dress. And I had a really bad headache from being up on the warm platform in the church, then pictures outside in the sun, so eating lots of food wasn’t really on my agenda. Dancing was, and I enjoyed that immensly. Especially since they had Disney songs playing! 🙂

And while I didn’t really lose as much weight by July 9th as originally hoped for from back in January (I was wishing for about 20 or so… I lost about 10, which isn’t terrible), I am happy with how I looked in pictures for the amount of effort I did manage to give to my weightloss thus far.

Me, Sharon, Jess and Meghann…
Highschool best friends…



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