Yogurt doesn’t mix well with hair

Twice in one day? Someone come check my temperature, I think I may be sick.

Oh wait, no, I’m just trying to keep my mind from going in overdrive with homework. Ah, that makes more sense.

Well, since the last time I’ve posted (lol, this morning), this is what happened/what I found out: I took an hour to find a piece of paper, Eric got a blog (huzzah!), I finished my Practicum I homework for this week, had my boss completely crack me up with a joke (remember, he’s a big defense lawyer… I’m still in shock), and, most importantly (which you can see from my twitter feed that way –> ), I got yogurt in my hair. And all over my shirt. That was literally right after I updated this morning…

I currently feel like my head is going to start pounding out of my head and exploding onto the ground any moment now, and it’s only the second day of the semester. I have a really important exam coming up in 17 days that I absolutely cannot fail, and it has every single emotion of mine on a fritz. And that’s putting it really lightly.

I wish life in college was really as carefree as they always show it to be in the movies. My mom always said that one of the reasons I had to come home from Cedar Crest was because I “partied” too much… we went out dancing once a month, usually on a Saturday night. And that was only after we had spent all of Friday night and all day Saturday studying, in the lab, and working on research. And usually we would opt for a movie instead of dancing because we were so fried… I don’t call that carefree or relaxing, and that was my freshman year, as well as beginning of sophmore.

You would think after 5 years of school you’d be use to it, especially going full-time year round, but no. I’m pretty sure that’s actually NOT how it works.

And yes, yogurt in my hair is to blame for all of this because it has had me stressed all day, which led me to think about everything else stressful, which just added to my stress that I already had in the first place. So now, I think I’m going to go shower, grab some milk and cookies, and get to work on some of my politics homework so I can get some Praxis studying in before I go to bed later.

Sigh, I need to win the lottery. I’m not a fan of this right now.


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