A diet update! Oh goodness!

This morning, on my drive into work, I had the chance to listen to a Dr. Oz interview on the radio and hear some of his input on the dieting system. Some of the things he said made sense to me — like how you should not drink Skim milk at all due to studies showing that it won’t help you lose weight (when they take the fat out of something, what’s left?). Instead you should drink 2%, it’s the middle ground between the nutrients from whole milk and has less fat in it as well. 

He also talked about the HCG diet, which I am not going to comment on until I know more about it lol.

I think it’s about time for me to get back on track with life, especially with weightloss. I need to figure out a change though first, some type of detox. I feel like my body is decaying because everything I eat — salad, whites, wheats, dairy, sugar, meat, fat, fiber, carbs, everything — makes my stomach upset. And before I go to the doctor and ask for happy tummy pills, I want to see if cleansing will help out my system first. But… I don’t know the first thing about detox diets.

So, I know a few of my fellow bloggers should have some input/feedback that they can share… Any thoughts? Help? Please?!??! 🙂


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