I just spent the past 5 hours doing homework, and have been waiting all day to get onto my Pottermore account (I got my email this morning at 4am). Lo and behold, the stinking thing is updating. Apparently, it’s been going unavailable all day… and I’m like great, this is what has gotten me through the evilness of politics (which I can’t really stand much), and now I don’t get to enjoy it! 😦

Le sigh.

In other news, I’m off to NYC for the 10th anniversary of 9/11 tomorrow with Eric. I’m pretty excited, especially about seeing Ground Zero. I’ve been to NYC a handful of times in the past 10 years, and 0 times prior to that, but I’ve yet to see GZ while I was there… mainly because every trip has had a theater base to it. This trip does not, which is probably the most exciting part of it for me.

I remember 10 years ago like it was yesterday. I was in 7th grade, and that morning my friends and I decided to take the outside shortcut from science to social studies since it was so nice out that day… when we were walking outside, we were commenting on how deadly quiet it was. Almost to the point that something was wrong. That was around 8:46-8:47 in the morning, because our class let out at 8:45 and we had to be in the next by 8:50.  Right around the same time that the first plane crashed into the north tower, even though we didn’t know it. In social studies, we were making world maps out of construction paper from memory out of torn construction paper… and my group was sitting there arguing over where the Bermuda Triangle should be placed when the 6th grade social studies teacher ran into the room screaming that we needed to turn on the radio because something was happening in New York. We were the first class at my school to find out about the terrorist attacks, and were listening to the news when the second plane hit. School stopped from that moment for the rest of the day, the only thing talked about were the planes. I remember sitting there shaking because I was so scared… of what my dad was going to do when he heard the news. My dad’s always been patriotic, and 10 years ago this October he joined the Air National Guard to become a full-time firefighter. Because he wanted to defend his country against terrorist attacks like this.

It’s weird to think back on that day now, 10 years later. I’m no longer that little 12 year old, but at 22 that same feeling I had still rests over my heart, especially thinking about those kids whos dads were firefighters that ran into the mess in New York on 9/11 whom they don’t get to see now… and for me to sit here and have my dad, who walks around Captain America stuff every chance he gets (I told you he was patriotic).

When I’m at that memorial tomorrow, I’m not going to be there for those who died… but for those who lost someone. For the kids who grew up not knowing a parent. For parents who lost a child. Those that lost a spouse. A brother. A sister. A friend. It’s because of them that I will Never Forget.


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