A Friday Update

Happy (way too extremely cold) Friday everyone!

I’ve decided to officially stop drinking soda once again, so welcome to my Day 1 of no-soda-life (the second official time around). So far today, instead of soda, I’ve had lemon tea, a SlimFast shake, and some water… and I’m thinking I may take a venture to the cafe downstairs and see if they have any hot apple cider on their menu. It sounds really good to me, and I’m craving. Besides, it’s not the worst drink for you, right? (please don’t prove me wrong on that one)

I still have no idea what to do about a detox diet, but I did present the idea to my mom. She suggested gluten-free instead… which would probably be the hardest thing for me to try in the whole world. But hey, if detox whatever doesn’t work, it’s worth a shot to stop getting sick with every food I eat.

Nothing really to report on besides that… No weight loss, I’m not under 200 anymore (sad day), and it’s completely freezing in my office (even more of a sad day)…

On a school note however… I’m on the honor society now, got dean’s list for the third month… and have 13 more classes left to take after this semester. It went from 25 to 13 when I updated my plan today. My jaw kinda dropped. I mean, I know I’m at the beginning of the end and what not… but still, it’s very different to think about.

Ok, off to find some apple cider! YUM!!!!


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