(un)Happy Tuesday

You know it’s a really bad day when the smooth voice of Darren Criss isn’t cheering you up (although, being told that a nearby college is doing avpm soon is a cheerer upper). My dog decided that I needed to take a bit of a trip this morning on our walk, so my left leg has a nice bruise on it. Then the trolley decided to be about 25 minutes late, and it was raining… and when the driver DID show, she sat for another 5 mintues to get herself “back on her schedule,” much to the annoyance of us whom she was making thirty minutes late for work. OH, and the water at work is brown, so the only choice I have to drink is tea (which will make me pee a LOT) or soda. OOOOH, and I have really bad cramps (ick).

But, I’m still on my diet today, which is a huge accomplishment for me. For some reason, I’ve decided to get my diet jump-started wtih a version of the Slim Fast plan. So I had a meal bar this morning, and I have a shake for lunch, as well as three snacks… then I get to choose a full meal for dinner tonight. Surprisingly, this is just enough for me to eat without feeling super starved, so I’m happy. 🙂

Though, I didn’t follow it AS closely on Saturday, and decided that a day off on weekends is probably a good idea. Or I’d go insane. Completely. But, we went to Oktoberfest Saturday night (we = Dan, Eric and I), so I had a couple beers and a pretzle. Then we went to Denny’s. Igads. I’m so glad that place didn’t make me sick, like it normally would… but Dan really wanted Denny’s, and I am not one that will say no to Drunk Dan.

I also went a complete 24 hours without my cell phone or internet (thus why I’m updating now and not like yesterday or Sunday), which I honestly didn’t think was hard at all. It was nice not having facebook bothering me, or dealing with friends’ relationships, or their family problems. I was able to enjoy my Star Wars marathon in peace (hooray bluray!), clean the living room, and get a bit of studying for my Praxis done on Saturday.

Anywho. I think I’m going to go wander to work’s kitchen and grab that banana I have in there, check to see if our water has stopped being brown, and maybe I’ll grab a diet pepsi… seeing as I’ve already had my cup of tea this morning, and we all know that it’s too early to be going to the potty too often. 😉

If you could have any one diet food, the one thing that you wouldn’t want to live without, what would it be? I’m looking for suggestions!


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