97 Days – a Life Update

I swear I didn’t forget about this blog, life’s just been rather busy the past month between work, finishing a block of classes, starting the next block (ick), Pampered Chef, and Disney planning.

I actually had to go and look to see when I last posted… a month from yesterday (sorry!!!).  Well, here’s your update on my life:

  • I am now a Pampered Chef consultant, so if you need any cooking tools… I’m your girl! 😉
  • I got my first C+ at Wilm U (it has been decided by many that it was a the teacher’s fault… I mean, in reality, an 85 is not a C+. Nor is an 89, which is what a classmate got, and she was marked C+ as well), a fact that has completely depressed me. It stands out like a sore thumb on my transcript… which I’ve worked very hard at keeping all “A’s” on!
  • We are currently 97 days away from Dan and my first trip somewhere together… the Disney trip has completely changed from being a Princess Run with the 4 of us to a Valentines trip for just the two of us. I’m excited, because I get to go to Disney – which is the only part of the trips I was really ever concerned about. 🙂
  • I stopped drinking beer (Day 4) and soda (Day 3) to try to work on getting healthier. So, we’re back to doing the #7daychip thing! 🙂

Also, I got on the scale last Thursday… it was not a pretty sight at all. I kinda wish I could walk around everywhere with a huge bag over me. I feel so disgusting. 😦 But, I’m going to the gym after work today, so maybe that will help me out a bit? I hope at least! I’m thinking about looking into Dr. Oz’s Transformation Nation to give me an extra boost to help out this ordeal.

I mean, I only have 97 days now to get myself into a better me… I need to get moving!


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