I’ve got 99 problems, but my weight ain’t one.

I’ve decided that that is the name for my weightloss attempt this time around. Yes, the first post on here was at day 97 towards my trip but… I made the decision to get on track when I was 99 days away from the World. And, as I said, I want to see a difference in myself in 99 days.

My difference so far: -2.8 pounds.

I am on Day 7 without drinking any beer (yay me), and Day 6 of no soda (a bigger feat… I’ll celebrate the beer if I make it a month without tasting a Yuengling). Plus, I’ve been making an effort to get some sort of exercise in every day. Monday night and Tuesday night I went to the gym, last night I walked from campus to the Dunkin Donuts and back (23 minutes, and 145 calories burned) for a 40 calorie iced coffee to keep me awake during class. Tonight, I plan on walk/jogging the neighborhood behind campus between work and school… and tomorrow is back to the gym. Not to mention the morning puppy walks with Mom, which range between 100 and 170 calories depending on the day.

I got one of those watches from WalMart that measure your calories lost during exercise, and your heartrate. You know, the $30 one. It’s pretty nice, and is set up for my age. I like it so far.

As of now, I’m at 94 days away (Huzzah!), and I know I have a few more healthy habits I really need to start working on. You know: sleeping better, drinking more water, taking vitamins, getting in veggies, actually eating a decent amount. Those things, which will all help me lose weight in the long run (and live longer, etc etc etc)… but trying to change them all at once will backfire on me, because I’m that type of person. So… where do I go next?


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