I swear, it’s a good oops!

Yesterday, I said that I had lost about 3 pounds since I’ve started the new diet… well, when I got home from work in the late afternoon, something sat there and told me to go weigh myself (I’m so scared of that stinking scale… that it’s going to go up instead of down!). Welllllllllllll….

I’m down another 2.2. 5 pounds total since the start! WOOOOO. That’s the first 2.4% of my body weight. 🙂

Today, so far, I’ve had:

-Oatmeal (160 calories)
-Special K Strawberry Bar (90 calories)

-Smart One’s 3 Cheese Ziti (300 calories)
-chicken salad with green beans (120 calories) with raspberry vinaigrette (45 calories)

And then Dan & I are going to Red Lobster for dinner (finally it’s a date night!), so I was good and went online to get all of my nutrition facts I need for what I may eat (it’s between two things lol… though I really want my shrimp scampi, which is only 130 calories!).

That’s my little update for today! 🙂 See? It was a good one.


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