Numbers Numbers Numbers

62 days left. 2 months from today. 9 weeks from yesterday.

If I lose two pounds every week between now and Disney, I will have almost 20 more pounds off of me (I approve of this).

As of right now (well, as of Sunday morning to be exact), I have lost 8.3 lbs since I started about a month ago. I’m currently at 204.3… I started at 212.6. That’s pretty freaking awesome if you ask me. 🙂

I could be at almost -30 pounds by Disney. That would be AWESOME.

So… now I just need motivation (outside of an awesome number haha) to get me through finals this week and Christmas next week (is it seriously already next week?!?!). Because the amount of stress I have in me may not work well in my favor for this! ack!


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