Too Much vs. Too Little

I’m afraid to get on the scale this week… and, for once, it’s not because I ate too much food over the weekend. I ate too little.

I’m one of those people who have their senses shut off on them when they’re really stressed. And, seeing as finals all last week had me reduced to tears almost the whole entire week (it was a bad semester) – it’s safe to say I was really REALLY stressed. All week. Until yesterday, actually. I wouldn’t even realize I hadn’t eaten in a while until I felt dizzy, had a really bad headache, or stomach cramps. And, yes, I felt those constantly through the week… at the same time.

I’m worried about how that will affect my scale, because I know my body’s retained something through it… I’m just afraid of how much.

So, today, I’m forcing myself to eat three meals (even though I don’t get a lunch at work…). Breakfast was a poptart, lunch is this delicious looking wrap you see (yum yum. Chicken caesar on wheat! And there’s mostly lettuce and grilled chicken, and very little caesar. The way I like it), and dinner is going to be at an Italian restaurant with my parents for Dad’s birthday. This is the most I’ve eaten in well over a week, but I’ve decided that since the semester is officially done… it’s time to make that concious effort to eat the right amount, and to stop all this crappy nonsense.

My wonderful lunch today! Doesn’t it look yummy?

Well, with that in mind… I’m going back to work, and to my sandwich. Tootles!

Do you have trouble eating too much, or too little? How do you deal with it??

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