Finding Motivation

I’m sitting here at work, filling out my online entries on and (don’t ask why I have two, I’m not too sure myself), with sore muscles from last nights strength training at the gym with my new workout buddies, and I see the words “Courtney hasn’t logged food or exercise in 6 days.”

From early December.

Meaning I am a failure at the whole logging thing.

My own personal “Diet & Fitness Journal,” which is a little black book I carry with me in my purse on a daily basis, suffers almost the same fate as the online version of the journal. I know I have no excuse to not journal in there, especially since it’s almost always with me (ironically, it’s not with me at the moment – it’s sitting next to my bed at home, since I wrote everything down last night to calculate calories and such).

So why don’t I ever log? It hits me while I’m staring at that 6 days comment – I have no motivation to do so. Granted, I have motivation to exercise, motivation to lose weight… but where is the motivation to write it all down? Who looks at it?

There are  a few pages in my journal from earlier on (seeing as this is week 7, we’re talking weeks 1 and 2) that I am proud of for the consistency, but besides that… I have to count empty pages to figure out where I am on my diet.

So, today’s goal is to find motivation. Both for my own personal journal and for the online one(s) (if you have either loseit or myfitnesspal, add me! I could use some friends! Both of these sites my screen name is kortni24, original huh?). But where do I start?

Some people say that you don’t need motivation, you just need to tough it up and “Just do it.” Being a future teacher, I know the importance of motivation when one wants results. What’s the best way to get a student to do something? Provide them with motivation. We’re all simple-minded humans, we need rewards to help us get to our goals. And numbers on scales or clothing, while great and such, are not the best motivation out there. It needs to be something more.

For instance, my mom told me the other day that for every ten pounds I lose (starting with when I get to 20), she will buy me a pair of shoes. And when I reach my goal, she’ll get me the pair of flat Uggs I’ve had my eye on.

Aren’t this just screaming motivation??
So that’s what is getting me going with my personal weightloss now… but, that still doesn’t help with the “writing and logging and blogging” bit. Which leads me back to the: Now what? question.
The nice thing about doing things online (for instance with this blog) is the community that starts build around you… you can find other people that are going through the exact same thing as you, and you support each other. My friend Lorie, who is the new gym buddy along with her signif other, has a loseit account and she logs her stuff constantly (she also has a smart phone, which makes her life easier… I do not, so I have to be at my computer or hope my iTouch is in range of WiFi), and people comment on every single post she has. They send encouraging messages, and are so uplifting and motivational that it could get anyone started.
Unlike Lorie, any posts I have are mostly blank – unless Lorie herself is commenting on them, which she does from time to time. And I find myself getting envious… so maybe that sense of community is my motivation?
What motivates you, besides the thought of your future body, to do what you do on a daily basis?

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  1. thewondermya
    Jan 04, 2012 @ 01:04:07

    Hey there ! you are not a failure, you just have a life… Put a smile on your face and go for it !!! The UGGs look like everything our feet deserve after a day on heels !!!


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