Happy 6 Months to Us!

I had a whole blog planned out for last night, complete with pictures, but… I was way too lazy to turn on my computer after going to the gym, grocery shopping (almost $70 for myself?? wow), making today’s lunch, and getting a shower, so I just curled up in my bed and worked on some school work for next week.

So that post will have to wait until later today/tonight, depending on what time dinner is.

Speaking of dinner, happy 6 months to Dan and I! As many of you know, after struggling over the thought of unbalancing the dynamics of friendships, my best friend and I kissed on the fourth of July. During the fireworks. Anyone remember how much I was freaking out over that one? Six months later, I have a really pretty necklace from the same exact person (who knew he knew jewelry… because I didn’t know this), and am getting really close to his family (save his mother, whom I want to get Dan AWAY from most days). Needless to say, it was the right decision.

So, I’ve begged him to go out on a “real” date tonight (usually, our dates consist of going to the movies or hanging out at home watching tv… or going to the bar with friends. We’ve gone out to eat once so far, and tonight will be twice), and he is being a good boyfriend and allowing it. 🙂 I’m excited to say the least.

Though, neither of us has any idea where we want to go. I want to wear a dress… but the cold weather may take that idea away from me. BRR. It’s freezing out! We have been bouncing restaurant ideas off of each other since about 2 pm yesterday, and we can’t agree on anything. We got a gift card for Red Lobster (where we ate last time), and since I don’t want that to be the ONLY place we eat in Delaware, I suggested we eat somewhere new. Then he suggested Two Fat Guys – which I use to work at, so that’s not new to me at all. And I’m not in the mood for wings and burgers. So then we went to Italian, so that we can be slightly fancy… and it’s either one of us doesn’t like the place, we can’t afford the place (oh being a broke college student), or one of us has eaten there very recently (like with Mrs. Robino’s, which is by far the best Italian in DE… and I had my leftovers from there yesterday).

Maybe we should try to shift away from Italian?

I don’t know… but by the time I update again later, we will have eaten already… or we’ll at least know where we’re going to eat, so I can at least tell you then. 🙂

Expect pictures later. Lots of pictures. But, to tide you over, I leave you with one of the wonderful happy couple (yes, us) on Christmas Day.

If you look, you can see the necklace tangled in my hair.


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