Almost 20 gone already?


That’s how much I’ve lost so far since I started this thing… and, honestly, I don’t see any difference in myself. I asked the Queen Bee (aka mom) yesterday if she thinks I look like I’ve lost almost twenty pounds. And she says she sees a difference, like my back has thinned out, my butt is a bit smaller (but nowhere near what it could be), my stomach is thinner, etc. So how come I don’t see it? Maybe it’s because my eyes go straight to the hugeness that is my butt every time I look in the mirror. Or because I still see all the flab on my arms that hasn’t gone away at all.

Who knows… I know the numbers are going down, and I am kicking major butt in the gym.

And, looking at pictures from October to now, I can definitely see a difference there… but, to me, the person in the mirror looks like the October me still.

Maybe I’ll see the difference soon?

October 2011

Compared to…..

It's blurry, but... NYE 2011!

There’s definitely a difference between the two, even I can admit to that one… so why do I have trouble seeing it outside of having two pictures next to each other?

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