Keep on keeping on

Well, I attempted to change my blog appearance. I figured after 102 comments it was about time (seriously, you guys are the best!).

But, I’m not sure I like it all that much, so it may get changed again soon when I have more time to fiddle with it. Which could be today, if we have internet when I get home (unlikely, but still).

I’m thinking about just going for some sort of a run between work and class today. Not one that’s timed with the intervals like my c25k trainings, but one that I just go to see what I can and can’t do. I figure I’ll never know where I’m really at if I don’t do this one, right? (my runner followers, help me out here!) And, since I plan on going to the gym right after class as well, I’ll take it easy on the run and try to make it just something of fun and enjoyment. I can kick my ass later.

But, seeing as I have 8 months to get me to be able to do 10 miles… I need to step up my game and start training on days that aren’t meant for c25k training.

Anyone have any good tips to help get me going?


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