Thursday’s Update

A quick update on the shoes (thanks to everyone who’s commented on that post already!!)… My shoes came untied from a triple knot somehow… I don’t know how that one happened. And it was so cold last night that I was cursing every time I had to stop to re-do them lol.

Not a fun experience at all.

But, on the bright side, I’ve finally decided what type of shoes to get for my first pair from the 10# thing… running shoes! (Oh, come on, you know you saw that one coming!) I think we’re going to go hunt for a pair Saturday morning before my vendor event at a Zumbathon.

Vendor event, you ask? Yep. I’m going to have a table at my friend Ree’s zumbathon, where I will be selling Pampered Chef stuff to anyone who wants to order.

Speaking of which, this weekend is going to be a mess trying to get my workouts in… three PC shows, plus homework, AND Dan’s mom’s birthday (from what the texts said last night, we’re going to some fancy-schmancy place up in PA) (what do you get your boyfriend’s mother for her birthday? Especially when it’s the weekend after she gives you a spare key to their house? Errr….). I mean, Sunday I can go to the gym after church since I’ll have a few hours between for reassessment of stuff for the party that night. And tomorrow’s party is a night party as well, but I work until around 1 and need to shop for stuff for Saturday… but I may be able to get to one of the gyms for at least a treadmill run (Speaking of PC, if you’re interested, go check out my website!!! Hey, you can’t blame me for my plug-ins… this business is allowing me Disney trips, as well as going to help me when I move out!).

As for today, I left my workout gear at home. I need to go out and get some sort of underarmor for when I run in this cold weather (I heard talk of snow during the next few days. Disgusting), because that was brutal yesterday… and it’s even colder today! So, I wasn’t awake enough to get together enough clothes to keep me warm during a run this evening… hey, I’m barely awake right now, and I’ve been at work for almost 3 hours (oops). I’ll get on the bike, or use the weight machine, when I get home tonight. Do some crunches. Attempt tricep dips and push ups. Work on my endurance and strength type of thing. 😉


Well, I’m gonna go try to work for a bit I guess, see what I can get done in my weird feeling state. 🙂


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