Time for another week already?

“happy” Monday, everyone! Who else woke up to this on Saturday morning?

yes, the road is covered in ice..

I’m sure you can guess that that put a damper on my weekend plans (sad day), but the roads in my neighborhood are finally clear enough that I think I can quite possibly get my run in after work today. Finally. I still haven’t gotten a new pair of shoes for running, and I haven’t had a chance to stock up on winter weather running clothes, so I was not prepared to attempt to run on ice at all.
Seriously, who can run on ice anyway? Not me, that’s for sure! lol!
But, it’s a new day AND a new week (and tomorrow is the last day of this week for the Game)… and I have 3 weeks left until vacation! Hooray!
Meaning, I am going to go hardcore these next 3 weeks… and should really get a lot of squats into my day (my poor butt has no love from me, I swear).
I just got my summary in my email from Lose It! (I love that website/app, I swear it’s the best thing ever), and this is what my workout summary for last week was:
Exercise Summary
  • Outaise Running, c25k Week 2 Day 2, 33 Min, 520 Calories
  • Dog Walking, 1 Hour 20 Min, 633 Calories
  • Running, 25 Min, 342 Calories
  • Snowy Dog Walking, 13 Min, 135 Calories
  • House Cleaning, 2 Hours, 362 Calories
  • Walking, 50 Min, 175 Calories
  • Zumba, 25 Min, 345 Calories
  • Total: 2512 Calories

Not too shabby if you ask me! Lol… though, it could be better… I’m looking forward to seeing that number much higher next week!

I’m looking for some new ways to add things into my exercise routines. I miss going to the gym a lot, but I know that my schedule right now is limiting my chances (hoping to get back there with Lorie and Marty on Wednesday though), and I am working my running in a bit… but now I need to work on strength/endurance on top of the running, since doing just one or the other doesn’t always help out. Know what I mean?

Pinterest has some good things I want to try, especially with butt exercises! lol!

Here’s one that I really want to try:

I can see this killing me, but feeling so awesome after!

I think I’m going to try that the next chance I have at the gym (watch out, Wednesday, it’s going down). Anyone else have any really good workouts they like and want to share?

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. theaccidentalathlete
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 12:51:50

    I love the picture/quote you have at the end here!


    • kortni24
      Jan 23, 2012 @ 12:53:07

      It’s one of my favorites! I have people in my life who constantly like to tell me they don’t think I can do this or that… and this is kinda my response back to them (though I’ll never say it to their faces verbally).


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