Miss Me Much?

Oh hey! Sorry I disappeared for a while (and yes, this will be a short post…), I kinda, you know, went away on vacation.

To Disney.


But I’m back again, and I’m dealing with the post-vacation depression (and the added weight. oh hey, 6.4 pounds… so NOT nice to see you!), as well as the huge pile of paperwork that was waiting for me at the office this morning (blegh!).

But, since I don’t really have the time to fully update you on how awesome my trip was (or how far off I went from my diet while I was there… or about the 50 some miles we walked), I’m just going to leave you with a foreshadowing photo of what’s to come in September. 😉

runDisney in training shirt? Check!
The next time I stand in front of that building to have a picture, I will be a lot skinnier, and will be there to run the Tower of Terror 10-miler race. Booyah!
So, bring it on training and healthy food… I am in post-vacation mode, and I am ready to get my butt into a good, healthy shape (aka, not round or cottage cheese shaped!).

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