My body’s sore from the workout the other night at the gym (weights and abs…. ow!), I feel like I’m getting a tickle in my throat and my head is pounding… So what am I going to do when I get home?

Go for a run.

Nothing long or anything like that, just something to move a little. Because I’m at the point that I feel bad if I don’t run, regardless of what else I end up doing that day… like, last night we went to Zumba and burned over 1000 calories (wow). And would you believe I felt bad about it because I didn’t do any running since Tuesday?

So, tonight after work and before I start doing my Pampered Chef stuff I want to do, I’m going to go for a jog in the neighborhood. As I said, nothing big or anything. Just to get myself moving, and it will probably only go for a few blocks.

On the topic of running… I’ve been looking for nearby 10k’s and such to run between now and Disney in September, so that I can have a time for my race (and not get stuck in the last corral). I found one on June 16th. 3 months away….

So I’m giving myself 3 months to be able to run for 6.2 miles without dying. I think that’s a feasable goal, don’t you? Well… at least, I hope it is! 🙂


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