Training day one!

I told you I would post again, didn’t I? Well here I am, freshly back from my first 30 minute marathon training run. And it would have been 45 if it wasn’t for the humidity!

Word to the wise before I get into more about the training: be very very careful when running outside while it’s hot out. Hydrate yourself. And don’t bring the dog. Because then the dog will slow you down at the end because they are hot.

So I took my aunts dog with me since I am dog sitting right now (and typing on my phone since I don’t have wireless lol), and I felt bad for him being all alone in the house all day. He went to his water bowl and collapsed after our workout. And I had to carry his poop during the run (gross).

But, he also kept me running because we were able to set a nice pace.

So, I started with a 5 minute walking warmup and then went through Jeff Galloway’s way of finding your pace.

We started with a minute run/thirty second walk pace. And got through the first mile in under 7 minutes! I don’t know how we did that, but it happened. It kinda cut my 10k average from a few weeks ago in half, and this is the second time I’ve ran since.

But for the most part I did the minute/30, later on though I did switch to minute/minute to help with the heat (they say to add 2 minutes to your pace when it’s over 80 degrees out… It’s 90. Oh well).

In all, we did just over 3.5 miles (I put 4 on facebook to round it lol), and the average pace was 8:35 min/mile. I never thought I would say that… But I definitely think I have to slow it down a lot if I’m gonna be going up to 26 miles at some point.

But, 30 minutes, more than a 5k. I’m still really excited over that, especially when I was barely able to run for 30 seconds back in January. 🙂

Me after the run!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jess
    Jul 03, 2012 @ 21:36:50

    I wore my runDisney training shirt today too!


  2. Kelly (tropicalsmile on WDWMagic)
    Jul 14, 2012 @ 23:14:59

    Hello fellow WDWMagic forum member! After I read your fabulous PTR, I stumbled upon your blog. After reading your latest post, I decided to go for a run tonight! I am just starting to run. Technically I could call this my first day (I started running a couple of weeks ago and then found excuses for stopping – e.g. too busy, too hot out). I only went a mile doing my walk/run combo, but thanks to my Nike+Running app (<3) and your inspiring post, I think I could finally be on the right track to health!

    Thanks for the inspiration and good luck at the ToT 10-Miler!


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