An overdue update!

Updating from my phone quickly before I go into nerd girl mode to read some Game of Thrones. 🙂

Sorry it’s been a bit since I’ve updated, I’ve had a pretty stressful few weeks. For those of you who don’t know, next week is my last week at the law firm and then I go on to student teaching.

I’m terrified. And it’s been overwhelming.

I’ve also noticed a big decay in my fitness because of it, but I am working on that. Which is the cause of the update.

Dan got me into playing ultimate frisbee. So twice a week, I play in a league of sorts in our area with him. We actually played tonight, and despite the fitness decay, I’m getting better. Especially in sprinting. I’m also getting more confident in catching and actually try to position myself in places where I can catch.

Tonight I made a mistake that’s going to happen a lot more though… I decided to run a lap of the park before we played. That’s how I found out I’m getting out of shape more. It was a bigger struggle, and we were just shy of 2 miles. My average was 13:27, which is still disney timing but… I walked a lot more than I wanted to.

So it’s back to practicing a lot more. I added on some squats, sit ups, and push ups when I got home to try to balance all the running between the training and frisbee. My body hates me for it, but hey, it’ll have to get use to it right? 🙂


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