When enough is enough

Trying to help Shaun understand the world of exercise and healthy eating is proving to be like trying to teach a cat to bark. It’s rough, and has caused a lot of strain. Yes, we’ve cut down our soda intake from about 7-12 each a day (it was bad) to 1 for me and 2 for him and that’s a big deal with its own headaches. And I’ve gotten him to stop eating meatball sandwiches at subway so now he gets something that at least has green on it… But anything after that, he tries to run to the other room and hide.

When we had started running training (the few times our schedules allowed us to do so during school), his parents didn’t believe me when he said he was running.

It’s extremely frustrating. And more so because I know that’s why I’ve gotten so lazy in my own lifestyle. It’s been easier to just order pizza and then take a nap. I’m so tired of it.

Working disaster helps because it’s high paced and very physically challenging.

But I’m tired of hiding behind ordering pizzas or take out food. I’m tired of tv marathons. That’s stopping, at least for me. Shaun can join in if he wants and I hope he does. I hope he sees that he is living very unhealthy. We bought food for lunch so I got veggies and lean burgers and no rolls. And I’m planning on running today and yoga and packing. Shaun can join in where he sees fit.

There comes a breaking point for everyone in when they really start caring. I’ve been logging for a week on LoseIt (be my friend if you have it!), and have been more conscious of it all. Most importantly, I’ve at least tripled my water intake. Now it’s time to step up the exercise and really commit. 🙂

I found this on Pinterest and felt inspired:



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  1. leximmaples
    Nov 15, 2015 @ 13:03:05

    Girl, the struggle is real. You gotta do you though, you can’t train the boys. (I’m speaking from experience) replacing soda with water you will see a big difference. Cutting down on carbs will help as well. On Pinterest look at the THM (trim healthy momma/me) eating plans. I do a modified version of that. Where I make sure the grams of fat are less than half the amount of carbs in what I eat. In one serving of goldfish there’s like 58 carbs. It’s ridiculous. Keep up the good work!


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