When enough is enough

Trying to help Shaun understand the world of exercise and healthy eating is proving to be like trying to teach a cat to bark. It’s rough, and has caused a lot of strain. Yes, we’ve cut down our soda intake from about 7-12 each a day (it was bad) to 1 for me and 2 for him and that’s a big deal with its own headaches. And I’ve gotten him to stop eating meatball sandwiches at subway so now he gets something that at least has green on it… But anything after that, he tries to run to the other room and hide.

When we had started running training (the few times our schedules allowed us to do so during school), his parents didn’t believe me when he said he was running.

It’s extremely frustrating. And more so because I know that’s why I’ve gotten so lazy in my own lifestyle. It’s been easier to just order pizza and then take a nap. I’m so tired of it.

Working disaster helps because it’s high paced and very physically challenging.

But I’m tired of hiding behind ordering pizzas or take out food. I’m tired of tv marathons. That’s stopping, at least for me. Shaun can join in if he wants and I hope he does. I hope he sees that he is living very unhealthy. We bought food for lunch so I got veggies and lean burgers and no rolls. And I’m planning on running today and yoga and packing. Shaun can join in where he sees fit.

There comes a breaking point for everyone in when they really start caring. I’ve been logging for a week on LoseIt (be my friend if you have it!), and have been more conscious of it all. Most importantly, I’ve at least tripled my water intake. Now it’s time to step up the exercise and really commit. πŸ™‚

I found this on Pinterest and felt inspired:



Getting back in the saddle

Moving to Florida one thing has become a bigger struggle than in Delaware: my weight. This time last year, I was almost 70 pounds lighter than I am now.Β 


But, I don’t know where to start or what to do. All I know is I do have a half marathon in November (the Avengers 1/2 to be exact, in Disneyland), then planning on Glass Slipper next February. So I gotta do something.



Delic part dos!


The cheesecake… Well, prior to strawberries being added! Lol πŸ™‚

Another Update!!!

Don’t you hate when life kinda ruins your chances of doing things you want to, say like… updating your blog? Or going running?

Yeah, so do I.

I’m coming to the other side of my finals week (FINALLY), and since I’m elementary ed and at the end of my education… there’s no actual final exams in my classes, just projects. That are like 20-30 pages each. UGH. I’m so tired of looking at computers all the time now! lol.

But, I did give myself a break over the weekend and go to NYC with my bff for her birthday to see Newsies on Broadway (OMG AMAZING. I could do like 20,000 posts about the awesomeness, but I shall refrain!).Β  We walked all over Central Park for about 4 hours or so, including going to the zoo (I didn’t know there was a zoo in Central Park!), so that was a nice break from life.

But, last night finally found me back at the running track with Angel. And Saturday, we’re going to try to add a third lap around the track, which should get us to about 7 miles in one workout. I’m excited!!! Getting closer to the 10 miles we need for Disney in September. I think we’ve decided that we’re going to work on getting to the 10 miles first, and then we’ll work on the time we’re doing it in through interval and speed trainings. Right now, we’re still doing the whole run .1 mile, walk .1 mile interval, so we’re going to work on building that one up a bit too.

5 more months til my Disney race! I’m excited to see how all of this training works out for me by the end of it. πŸ™‚

BTW, a shoutout to my latest commenter: Gracie, thank you SO much for your kind words! I love it when people tell me I’m an inspiration, it means so much to me. πŸ™‚ Keep up the work, girlie.


Now, for an updated Courtney picture (one of the things trips to NYC is good for)…… DRUM ROLL PLEASE.

(In that AE bag is a new pair of workout capris! yay!!!)

Making strides

I promise a real update soon… Just ha to share something with you all!


Challenge Day One!

So, what did everyone do for the first day of the challenge?

For me, a friend and I walked for 25 minutes before I went to class/a meetingΒ last night (I had to do both, bah), but then I got out really early… so I went home and got on our bike for 20 more minutes.

I’m looking forward to day 2 today! I’m going to be amping up my training for my 10 mile race in the fall, so my workouts are going to get longer and harder as I go. πŸ™‚

Didn’t start yesterday? Make today your day one of the challenge and join us in getting healthy!

Confused as to what I’m talking about? Click here. πŸ™‚


So….. what did you do?


This is really just a little heads-up post for all of you out there following my blog… I’ve added a new page to the top portion, and am planning on using it for stats purposes.

So that I can keep a better track of my running pace. And milage.

I really hope you will all join me as I work towards being able to fully run the miles that I log, and get myself up to a 10-mile race! πŸ™‚

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