The Challenge

Ok, bear with me, my brain is going about 20 different directions tonight after working a closing shift at Universal (wait, what? When did I switch from Disney to Universal??? WELLLLLLLL……. Maybe that can be another post! But Universal is just a part-time job I started to have me not being bored in the summer while I’m not teaching!), so I felt the need to blog.


Do you know the toughest thing about trying to get back on track while living in Florida? I had planned ALLLLLL day to go for a run once I got home from work because I knew I had extra energy (I slept in! Huzzah!!!), but of course it starts with a lightning storm as soon as I step out of work. I got done at 9:30, almost 3 hours ago. It’s still storming. And Florida is ALWAYS like this, I plan to run, and it rains as soon as I have a chance to go! 😦 Boo.

So, I’m doing a back up type of workout. Namely: cleaning, and quasi-packing for the big move at the end of next month! woot woot! 😀

So many things in my life you dear readers don’t know about because I’m a horrible blogger! So sorry about that!


So, about the title of this post (see? I told you… MIND. EVERYWHERE.)…. my mom has challenged Shaun (the boyfriend) and I to lose 25 pounds between the two of us by the end of this month. Which is really what helped kickstart this getting-on-track-again bit. I mean, we had planned to revamp our eating habits and start running training with it being summer and me not teaching anyway, but it gives us a good incentive.

this was us a year ago… in our Iron Man glory! And look at my pretty hair, I miss it 😦


andddd us back in May. I love and hate this picture. Love because, well BOBA FETT and hate because of how terrible I look!


we definitely have the weight to lose. My mom had us take pictures of our feet on the scale when we started and then we’re going to take pictures again at the end of the month. I can’t tell you where we’re at now though… our scale is broken. I mean, I don’t think I went from 237 to 102 in just over a week. That would be bad. And seeing as I still look like the girl in the Boba Fett picture (but with super short hair now), I don’t think it’s true.

It is kinda really sad that the only pictures we have of each other are actually only selfies because I hate seeing myself. The only reason this picture made it online in the first place was because of who we got to meet… my face is even blotchy from crying, a sight I would never allow on the web!

Goal: see this girl? She was in a size 12 just last April. This was me 70 POUNDS ago. I know i can do that and more.


I wore this blue dress a couple months back, and let me tell you it looked nothing like this on me. It barely covered my butt! But, I know I can get back to her again – a girl who was just starting to feel okay with herself and was on the way to being healthy.

Which is why I jumped at the chance of my mom’s challenge. Shaun wasn’t as keen, but I think that’s partially because this is his first time ever doing anything concerning weight loss besides a few runs with me. The poor boy.


So, in honor of the challenge… what are things you’ve found that work? That didn’t work? I’m trying to help Shaun understand what to eat and do and what’s bad (hard for picky eaters like us!), but it is definitely a struggle. Where were the little things you started with? If you were to start fresh, what would be your biggest goal?



I’m going to try to really use this blog again… it was a motivation for me when I could use it often. So hopefully I’ll get some of the pages up top updated with new things and whatnot. Stay tuned! 🙂




As some of you may know, I’m a Pampered Chef consultant (which is why I have fun making yummy, healthy stuff!)… well, in the newsletter that came from my website to my contacts (Which includes myself actually), there was a DELICIOUS looking piece of cheesecake. And I had to share it with you, because it’s actually healthy unlike most cheesecakes. To the point that it’s only 170 calories a slice. UMMM, AWESOME.

Viennese-Style Amaretto Cheesecake
Delic, no?

So yeah, that’s the awesomeness I want to make sometime soon here!  Recipie:    Also, if anyone ever wants to know how to use some of our amazing products in a healthy way, just ask me! And yes, I am shamelessly using my own weightloss blog to promote my business… but they’re related! Cooking and weightloss go hand in hand. 😉

Another Update!!!

Don’t you hate when life kinda ruins your chances of doing things you want to, say like… updating your blog? Or going running?

Yeah, so do I.

I’m coming to the other side of my finals week (FINALLY), and since I’m elementary ed and at the end of my education… there’s no actual final exams in my classes, just projects. That are like 20-30 pages each. UGH. I’m so tired of looking at computers all the time now! lol.

But, I did give myself a break over the weekend and go to NYC with my bff for her birthday to see Newsies on Broadway (OMG AMAZING. I could do like 20,000 posts about the awesomeness, but I shall refrain!).  We walked all over Central Park for about 4 hours or so, including going to the zoo (I didn’t know there was a zoo in Central Park!), so that was a nice break from life.

But, last night finally found me back at the running track with Angel. And Saturday, we’re going to try to add a third lap around the track, which should get us to about 7 miles in one workout. I’m excited!!! Getting closer to the 10 miles we need for Disney in September. I think we’ve decided that we’re going to work on getting to the 10 miles first, and then we’ll work on the time we’re doing it in through interval and speed trainings. Right now, we’re still doing the whole run .1 mile, walk .1 mile interval, so we’re going to work on building that one up a bit too.

5 more months til my Disney race! I’m excited to see how all of this training works out for me by the end of it. 🙂

BTW, a shoutout to my latest commenter: Gracie, thank you SO much for your kind words! I love it when people tell me I’m an inspiration, it means so much to me. 🙂 Keep up the work, girlie.


Now, for an updated Courtney picture (one of the things trips to NYC is good for)…… DRUM ROLL PLEASE.

(In that AE bag is a new pair of workout capris! yay!!!)


Let’s see, what do I have to update you all with (Hi, miss me much? lol)…. hmmm.

First and foremost, I want to thank EVERYONE for the congrats and the encouragement that you’ve been giving me, it means SO much to me. You have no idea. I’m still in complete awe of where I am right now… it’s insane to me that I’m back in the 170s, I never EVER thought I’d be here.

Second, I hope those who started my challenge I posed a few weeks back are continuing it, and growing stronger with it every time. I know I am… This past Saturday, I went to the park with Angel (Dan’s brother, Jerzy’s fiance… expect to hear her name a LOT more often now) to do our training for the ToT 10-miler in September. Angel’s running with me then, so it’s super helpful to have someone that I can fully work with who is trying for the same goal. Anyway, on Saturday we went to do our long-run interval training… and we alternated .1 running with .1 walking, back and forth. We ended up going 5.5 miles, it felt AMAZING.

But really… me, 5.5 miles. I’m still in awe of that one too.


Besides that, I’ve been doing homework non-stop. Seriously, I live at the table in my living room now, with all of my school books surrounding me. I have 8 projects due next week, and I’m going to Allentown/NYC for the weekend with Leah, so… they need to be done now.

I did, however, just make this:


Quite delicious.

Challenge – Week 1

Sorry I haven’t posted again!!! Today’s the first day I’ve been at work since last Friday (and the only day this week), so if that tells you how busy my week has been… ack!

I am currently on Day 3 of the second week of this challenge… I’ve decided to continue it on, and I invite everyone to do it with me! If you want, up your time more (I know that’s not a problem for all of us, the time… but, maybe you’re just getting into the swing and took the challenge for 20 minutes a day and are ready for an increase!) to 30 minutes a day instead of 20.

So, last weekend I pretty much killed myself at the gym (woo!). Saturday, I started my day with Zumba since class was cancelled, and used that as a warm up… and then went to the gym for 2 hours for an intense workout. Sunday, I was there for another hour, doing almost the exact same workout (though not as intense). It was insane!

Monday and Tuesday I kinda cheated a little (oops), and counted just walks as my exercise because my schedule was that messy… this is what Jury Duty does to you! But, I got back into it last night and went to the gym – by myself, gag – and kicked my own ass. This resulted in an increase in weights on multiple different exercises, and I was able to run a 12:37 mile on the treadmill. Without my inhaler. Like no inhaler help at all.

Which is big for me, seeing as my asthma is my biggest obstacle that I need to climb over. Usually, when I’m out doing my c25k runs, I have to pause for a few seconds so that my lungs won’t close up on me. I’m hoping that I can push myself through that and get it so I don’t have to stop at all anymore.


Well, how was everyone’s week 1? What did you do? What are you going to be doing this weekend to fight off Easter?




PS. I’m down past my pre-vacation weight!!! So, I’m now at 30.6 lost… next step: getting out of the 180s!

March 27, 2012

It’s been a week since I’ve posted that challenge (give or take a few days?), and let me tell you… I barely did it. That migraine had me out for almost the whole week (a migraine that goes from Saturday to Saturday is not fun), so I’m going to restart the challege. Now. *It’s posted at the bottom for those who missed it before*

But, before we get to that… I’m reassessing areas of my life, and have determined I need to change my diet around to match with my running training. So for anyone that runs/trains (and I know there’s a bunch of you who read this), what do you eat? I’m looking for suggestions!


**Challenge for my readers**: I challenge each of you to do at least one 20 minute workout a day for 7 days, and then tell me if you notice a difference or not. I bet you will. Don’t start it tomorrow, do something right now.

Let me know if you’re in on the challenge, let’s make something of it! Start at one week, and we’ll keep moving up with it. I’ll do it right along with you.

Are you in? 

The Most Upsetting Thing to Happen Yet

I had one of the worst things happen to me yesterday. I had to go to the doctor’s for a physical check up (for student teaching. ick, I hate doctor offices!), and had to get on that dreaded scale they have there.

It said I was somewhere between 212 and 215.

26 pounds heavier than what my scale at home says.

TWENTY SIX. In other words, that scale says I haven’t done a single thing with myself at all.

How unmotivational. I wanted to burst into tears the second I saw it.

And when the doctor was asking me about my wellness, she went, “So tell me… how is your exercise? Do you go for walks when you get a chance?”

Blink. Blink.

“Oh, let me tell you it all! haha! I walk the dogs with my mom almost every morning, and I go to the gym about three, sometimes four, times a week. We start with a cardio warm-up, do a 40 minute weight training set – focusing on different parts of the body each day we’re there, and then we do a 20 minute cardio exercise. I’m also outside running a lot, about 4-5 times a week, because I’m doing the c25k program and training to run 10 miles in September.”

“Oh. Well… that’s fantastic.”

I think I shocked her. Though, not as much as when I told her I weigh 26 pounds less at home than I do here (and have worked very hard for those 26 pounds).

But yet… I still want to burst into tears because of what that stinking scale said. And I think its because I’m the person who sees the change less in myself. I feel like I haven’t lost anything, even though the scale says -26 and the inches say -21 so far.

This is what one of my Game On! teammates sent me just now about this (I emailed them about it right before I started this post, because I’m so upset…. I need to text Dan about it, he’ll curse the scale out and make me feel better lol): “Do NOT let that get you down!  I never ever look at the scale when I go to the Doctor!  I swear they do it to make us feel badly! All scales are different, and I just use mine for consistency!  Keep up the good work, and we have just have a few days left!”

It was so upsetting to see though… but I guess I just need to use it as fuel for my next few weeks of running. And I’m gonna need it… I start week 4 of the c25k program tonight after work. HALFWAY THROUGH!

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