Morning update

I know I just wrote last night but… I had to do a little phone update to share this. See that spike? That’s the heaviest I’ve EVER been in my life. I’m about 12 pounds down from that (yay!) so I’m feeling good this morning. 🙂



Revenge of the Disney Magic

During my CP program, I had the awesome opportunity of not only attending my very first Star Wars Weekend, but going to all four of them for the 2013 year AND working every single day of the four weekend festival. It was an intense month that ended just last night, but it was probably the absolute best part of my Disney career so far – though next year, I think I’ll just settle for actually going for a full day of it and seeing some shows. 🙂

Working SWW had both good parts and bad parts to it.

The bad parts (because you always end with good notes!) : I never once saw the Hoopla; I’ve only seen 1 Star Wars show out of the four weekends;  it was e x h a u s t i n g; exhausting doesn’t cover it; 30 hours of work between 3 days; making people upset over not having things that sold out the first day; listening to people complain about the fact that Star Wars Weekends was disrupting their vacation because the park was crowded on the day they wanted to come to Studios; I can’t get the Cantina Band song out of my head.

The good parts: I spent 12 days completely surrounded by Star Wars; getting to go for all four weekends; Ray Park being 10 feet away from me; seeing Warwick Davis’ short story in person; meeting a lot of fantastic people; 30 hours of work between 3 days; being followed backstage by Darth Vader; hugging Ewoks like it’s my job; actually getting paid to hug said Ewoks (they were plush dolls, don’t get excited); Ewok Dale trying to steal me from Shaun (he didn’t like that part); getting to work somewhere completely different than Downtown Disney; getting to work in Hollywood Studios… that’s just breaking the surface.

Long story short, if you work for Disney and have a chance to do a festival, especially SWW, do it. It’s such a great experience.


I think the most annoying part of it all however was how people kept making comments about how Disney now owns Star Wars, so they were like “wow, Disney really jumped on that quickly… look Mickey’s a Jedi.”




Star Wars Weekends started in 2000 people. It’s nothing new.



I mean, seriously, this happened in 2011 when Star Tours 2.0 opened up:



Sorry, that was a little mini rant about it. lol.


But I just wanted to give a little update really quickly about how amazing of an experience the past 4 weeks were… now I am off to spend time with Shaun and the parents who are in town for the weekend at Universal (I feel like a traitor!).